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We are a group of companies - our partners are the best companies in Russia, the product provided by our partners is of the highest quality. Our main task is to offer you the best, high-quality and eco-friendly products


Borealis (from Lat. northern, cold) - this is a wild sea fish that we catch ourselves, and the latest world technologies, with which we preserve all its natural qualities.

Only fresh fish can be delicious and healthy. Launching their own production, the company primarily thought about how to preserve the taste and quality of freshly caught wild fish. After all, this requires that the catch is processed as quickly as possible.

We found the solution! We have created a high-tech factory two hundred meters from the pier in the Kola Bay and it takes only a few minutes to deliver fresh fish directly from the sea. The presence of our own trawlers, as well as strict regulation of the time and timing of trawling, guarantee the highest quality of raw materials supplied to the factory.


Our company is a structural division of the GC "Severo-Zapadnogo Rybopromyshlennogo Konsortsiuma" (GC "SZRK"), which owns quotas for the production of Kamchatka crab, snow crab, cod, haddock and halibut in the Barents Sea. Raw materials are fished in the areas of the north-east of the Atlantic — the catch zone of FAO 27.

In 2013, the company put into operation its own production site in the city of Veliky Novgorod, which includes a factory and storage facilities.

Our production complex is equipped with modern equipment capable of producing and storing competitive high-quality products that are in demand in the foreign and domestic markets. Accreditation of production allows to deliver goods to Russia, Europe, China, Japan, the USA and other countries.
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